Thick Padding Sleeping Bag For Cold Temperatures

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When you go camping or outdoors, never let the weather catch you by surprise. Get a quality sleeping bag for low prices. They come with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY.  This mummy shape sleeping bag will keep you warm in freezing temperatures and they even come in different temperature sizes. The cotton filled sleeping bag also helps keeping warmth inside and the soft shell gives it a smooth feel. It is so well designed it even has an extra pocket made for your cellphone.



- Size: 220*80*50cm

Filling: Cotton

structure: Mummy type

- weight and comfortable temperatures.

Weight 850g         Temperature Scale: 0 ℃ to 10 ℃

Weight: 1150g      Temperature Scale: -5 ℃  0 ℃   5 ℃

Weight: 1500g      Temperature Scale: -10 ℃   -5 ℃   0 ℃

Weight: 1850g      Temperature Scale: -15 ℃   -10 ℃  -5 ℃