Solar Shower Bag

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The Portable Solar Shower Bag
Campers this is especially for you. Stuck without warm water on your camping or hiking trip. The solar shower bag will heat up your water up to 50 degrees Celsius that is 122 degrees farhenheit. Only using sunlight, no electricity or batteries needed. Have a look at our water purifier to combine the 2 together. Turn your outdoor trips into leisure. Small in size and light to carry. It takes 5 Gallons or 20L of water at a time
Easy Control
Designed with a on/off adjustable switch whitch can control water flow from low to high and also supplied with a hose and a shower head which can also use it to wash your car or water flowers.
Portable Size&Conveniten
Lightweigt,flodabale,very easy to carry and very easy to store,it’s suit for Camping,Hiking,Fishing or hunting.It’s also have a hook rope so you can hang the shower bag on a tree or a shower tent.
1. Wash the bath bag with 1 spoonful of hot soda water before first use.
2. Fill with water and face the sun so that the sun can shine fully.
3. Hang it on a tree or a shower tent will provides you a more conveninet shower experience.
4.Suggest not to use this camp shower bag to fill with drinking water.
5.Please do not add hot water up to 50°C.(122°F).
Detail Descripiton:
- Tolletries Pocket:This pocket for your tolletries like shampoo,soap,toothpaste or toothbrush.
-Temperature Bar:The temperature bar allows you to keep abreast of the water temperature.
-Hang Hook:You can hang the shower bag on a tree or shower tent .
-On/Off switch:Can control water flow from low to high ,very easy to control.
-Shower Head:The water flow will be slim and mild,Bring you a better shower experience!