Pro GPS Drone 8K HD 3-Axis Gimbal Camera With 5G WIFI Brushless Professional Obstacle Avoidance

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This is one for the books. If you are looking for the ultimate drone, this is the one for you. The KAI ONE MAX drone is a 2022 state of the art pro drone. It has an amazing 8K HD 3-axis gimbal camera with 12 MILLION pixels for that professional touch you need. It has a follow function to let the drone follow you automatically and laser obstacle avoidance to help prevent unwanted crashes. It will automatically return when the battery is running low and has a flight time of 25 minutes. It also has GPS optical flow positioning to set out way points and the drone will do the rest.  With the brushless motor it makes the drone more durable and stable to windy conditions. This drone is truly one of a kind. 


Flight information:
- Charging time: about 2 hours
- Remote control distance: about 1200m
- Transmission distance: about 1000m
- Remote control height: about 120m, Max 300m (Need setting by hand)
- Gesture recognition shooting: 1-3m

Aerial image parameters:
- Wifi frequency: 5G
- Photo resolution: 7680Px4320P (Front)
- Video resolution: 3840Px2160P (Front)
- Photo resolution: 1920Px1280P (Down)
- Video resolution: 1280Px720P (Down)
- Transmission frame rate: 25fps